Sustainable Print


Our ongoing commitment to grow in responsibility for a more sustainable planet.


The QTP environmental mission is to challenge ourselves in continually focusing on the way we manage our waste, recycling, water, storage and handling of printing chemicals, energy, and air emissions.

Being part of an industry that depends heavily on energy, water, and other natural resources, QTP is fanatical about choosing suppliers that share our commitment to a more environmentally friendly industry.

We are always looking for ways we can grow our responsibility to sustainable print, not only through our printing resourses but our commitment follows through into our offices and the way we manage our energy and paper consumption.

To the reduced pressure on forest lands, many of our paper suppliers harvest and create their materials using high amounts of postconsumer waste fibre. Some our suppliers such as Mohawk papers have used over 23,000 tons of post-consumer fibre in 2010, which essentially eliminated the harvest of 552,000 trees.

One of our commitments is using soy-based inks on our printing runs. Using soy-based ink releases 2-4% greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, unlike other inks which release up to 30% and, when recycling materials printing with soy-based inks, the process is easier to de-ink making for less hazardous waste.

QTP is proud to have attained a level 2 PIAA Sustainable Green Print (SGP) Certificate and have maintained this each year.