Save Money with These Six Print Pricing Tips

From business cards to flyers, it’s hard to know if your payment is worth the printing quality when you haven’t been looking around for different printing companies. It goes without saying that cheap pricing isn’t the only thing you need to consider when availing printing services in Australia. Here are some tips to get your printing orders done without blowing your budget:

Reduce, reduce, reduce – We all know that the more pages you print, the more the printing company will charge you. If it’s possible, try reducing the content of your screen printing material. You can either use a smaller font or reduce the size of the margins for each page, as well as decrease the space between lines. If you are printing or photocopying materials that are not as visually demanding as magazines, you can reduce the number and size of photos or graphic elements.

Go for paper alternatives – Ask your offset printing company if a less expensive paper option is available for reducing wasted materials. Most print shops today offer environment-friendly paper printing that doesn’t compromise the quality of your printed products.

Print On Demand – You can also go with ‘print on demand’ services wherein the copies are ordered as needed, preventing extra copies from being printed.

Print On Both Sides – Less paper can be used when you ask to print content both on the front and back sides of each page. Documents will also become less heavier since the amount of paper will be significantly reduced, contributing to lower freight charges.

Edit and Proof on the Screen – Check the quality of the content in your material before you send it for printing to prevent errors that can cost you to reprint the whole thing all over again.

Compare printing prices – Don’t forget to have more than one option for your printing needs. Before you can find that ideal printing place that offers low cost and high quality printing, spend your time looking online for printing places in Australia. Who knows, you might just stumble upon a printing company that offers half the price of their competitors’ charge, and there could also be  promos that provide good printing bargain for you and your company.


Making smart decisions for your printing needs does wonders for your money and the environment, since papers and your budget are both limited resources that you have to carefully conserve. Follow these tips and start hunting for printing services to get your printing job done the right way.

Printing with high quality materials doesn’t have to come with skyrocketing prices! Starting October until the end of November, contact us with your printing orders and we’ll match the quote of our competitors with ours.

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