Reasons to still use direct mail marketing

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Use direct mail at every step of your customer journey. Whether you’re focused on lead generation, introducing a new product, Customer Relationship Management or database development, Direct Mail has a role to play. Use it to send a card, letter, brochure or catalogue – whatever will engage your customers or prospects most.

Here are 10 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing according to MSI Marketing

1. Guaranteed address

When you have an individual’s mailing address, you are essentially guaranteed mail going to that address will reach the addressee.

2. Budget saver

Even with the rise in postage costs, using direct mail can still be affordable. You can work with Qld Trade Print to help you send out business postcards for as little as a few cents each.

3. Easy to personalize

People are always more likely to notice something which has their name on it. You can personalize each piece of mail which goes to each address, making sure that Mr. John Smith at a certain address is sure to see his name on the mail you send to him, while Mrs. Jane Doe down the street sees her name on hers. While personalizing mail can add a small cost, the results can lead to new customers and increases sales. People are far more likely to respond to advertisement that is personalized than to a generic ‘Current Resident.’

4. Provide your website

Just because you are using paper mailings doesn’t mean you can’t refer people back to your website.

5. Easy to post around the house

If someone is interested in your flyer or needs more time to look at it later, it is easy for him/her to lay it on the desk, stick it on the fridge, or leave it on the table to read over during the next morning’s coffee.

6. Skip the junk folder

Unlike email, you can at least know your mailings will not be routed to a junk folder, never to be seen by the recipient. Even if the flyer ends up in the trash, the addressee has at least seen the mailing.

7. Choose the recipients

With direct mail marketing, you can choose exactly who you want to send mail to.

8. Easy to track

Direct mailing can be easily tracked, allowing you to see how effective your marketing efforts are. You can place a special code on each mailing which identifies each address and allows you to see who responds.

9. Powerful marketing combo

Direct mail combines well with other forms of marketing. By using both snail mail and email, for example, you can reach an extensive amount of people, rather than just relying on one marketing type.

10. People like to get mail.

It’s a simple fact: people just like to get mail. When they can both see it and touch it, it makes a longer-lasting impact.

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