Print Marketing – Why do it?

This week we take a look at why Print Marketing is still an important part of the mix in business. Value of Paper and Print ( outline here some of those reasons.

At Qld Trade Print we want all businesses to be successful which is why we are happy to help with your out-of-the-box ideas. If you can dream it, we can print it. Don’t stick to the same old gloss DL. Ramp it up with the inclusion of specialty films like cello and finishes like foil or embossing. These little extra’s don’t add much to the price but certainly pack a punch when it comes to your Print Marketing piece being remembered by your audience.

edged business cards care of

Print sends them searching

Print increased online search – with websites offering a virtual sales person 24hours a day seven days a week, print can help you bring people to your virtual window. Studies show that 67% of online search is driven by offline messages. Of this 39% ultimately make a purchase (Plumtree Marketing, 2011).


More engaging

Consumers are more engaged when reading printed material, unlike websites, which are often skimmed in as little as 15 second visits, printed material offers a longer time to engage and catch your potential customer’s attention. The very nature of printed brochures’ physicality demands an action ‘I’m in your hand, now you must read me or do something with me’ (Print Power, 2014).


I want to be a creative

A lot of brands take advantage of the creative potential of print marketing with many using innovations such as lenticular inks, heat sensitive thermochemical inks, holograms, scented paper, 3D techniques, pop-ups and cut-outs to grab attention and stand out (Print Power, 2013). Qld Trade Print can help you with a lot of these, just ask our advice


Hand in hand

Print and digital work together and deliver optimal marketing results. Business cards carry LinkedIn and Twitter URLs, QR codes and augmented reality technologies are launched from print publications. Research consistently shows significant jumps in ROI when print and digital marketing tools are adopted across one campaign. Each having their strengths, digital media pushing longer conversation time to its’ print cousins.