essential office supplies & stationery

3 Essential Office Supplies and Stationery

Even though we are living in the digital age, we are still not entirely paperless, and office supplies are still indispensable for finishing any task in the company. Aside from improving productivity and driving away distraction, these items are a must for every meeting or paperwork of an employee. 1. Desk Supplies Don’t forget the… Read More


Print Pricing Tips

Save Money with These Six Print Pricing Tips

From business cards to flyers, it’s hard to know if your payment is worth the printing quality when you haven’t been looking around for different printing companies. It goes without saying that cheap pricing isn’t the only thing you need to consider when availing printing services in Australia. Here are some tips to get your… Read More


Make A Impressive Mark On Your Customers With Marvelous Business Cards Printing

The simple black and white business cards are now metamorphosed into designer versions. Nowadays, being unique is the key to success that is why business people prefer for unusual things like cards printed on handmade paper using different colors or techniques like embossing or foiling to make a long lasting impression. Depending on your thoughts,… Read More


Facts You Need To Know on Large Format Custom Printing

One of the advertising medium that has been growing in popularity through time is, large format printing. Its main purpose is to support maximum print roll width which gives you a bigger area to work with. Large format printing is used for banners, posters, wallpapers, murals and more. Since they are ideal for materials that… Read More


Customer Service Essentials 101

So you own a small business? It’s hard; we know how it feels to never switch off, to be so busy we’re surprised we have time to sleep. But one thing we all know is important, possibly the most important, is customer service. Customer service can make or break a business, and it can set… Read More


Print Marketing – Why do it?

This week we take a look at why Print Marketing is still an important part of the mix in business. Value of Paper and Print ( outline here some of those reasons. At Qld Trade Print we want all businesses to be successful which is why we are happy to help with your out-of-the-box ideas…. Read More


Choosing the right colours to boost sales

Choose the Right Colours to Boost Sales It’s imperative to test your colours. Testing colours with your audience will have better results. Take a few minutes to do a simple colour test. Choose colours that resonate best with your target audience and convey the proper message about your brand, and make a positive impression. Use… Read More


Reasons to still use direct mail marketing

Use direct mail at every step of your customer journey. Whether you’re focused on lead generation, introducing a new product, Customer Relationship Management or database development, Direct Mail has a role to play. Use it to send a card, letter, brochure or catalogue – whatever will engage your customers or prospects most. Here are 10… Read More


Its’ Christmas Season

Beat the Christmas Rush, order your seasonal printing today! Seasonal prints can generate revenue for any business. In fact, some businesses focus solely on catalogue marketing for annual revenue. Seasonal prints, such as Greeting Cards, Christmas Cards, Desk Pads, Tent Calendars, DL Fridge Calendars, Catalogues and more, tend to generate more sales. Make sure your… Read More


HP Latex Printer: The Unfair Advantage

The new industrial revolution. Bringing out the advance technology of Latex Printing, Hewlett-Packard Equipped with 4 showcases depicting HP Latex Printing Technologies, its unrivaled versatility, outstanding quality, ease-of-use and high environmental standards that deliver the best work result. The HP Latex Printer features a number of significant innovations that take the benefits of water-based HP… Read More