3 Essential Office Supplies and Stationery

Even though we are living in the digital age, we are still not entirely paperless, and office supplies are still indispensable for finishing any task in the company. Aside from improving productivity and driving away distraction, these items are a must for every meeting or paperwork of an employee.

1. Desk Supplies

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Don’t forget the basics — pens, tape, highlighters, markers, paper clips, scissors, trash can and the like are what you need to take down notes, explore ideas, post reminders and complete paperwork in the office. Make sure that you have these in your desk so that you don’t have to look all over the office or bother your busy colleagues when you need to cut, paste or attach files together.

2. Stationery and Mailing Materials

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Whatever the size of your business is, you cannot simply abandon the use of paper. Whenever your handheld device stops working or the office suffers from a sudden power outage, you can always depend on stationery to get things done. These things you need to write and print on can range from notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, presentation folders and letterhead paper.

 Since you have your own business, it’s a great opportunity to establish your authority and brand when distributing or sending paperwork to other companies by customising your own office stationery. Aside from your own email signature, you should also get your custom business cards to grow your network and strike a winning impression during meetings and events. You can order printed envelopes so that you can have your own trademark when sending invoices, paychecks, payments, promotional offers and other documents. While you’re at it, why not give stickers inspired by your company logo to your employees to represent your business?


3. Time Management Supplies

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Time is definitely gold, and every meeting or event you miss is a lost opportunity for your business. Don’t ignore the importance of time by having office calendar and planners as physical displays in your office. These time trackers can effectively remind you and your employees of important dates, deadlines and appointments.

Take note that it’s not only your business card that you can use to represent your office. With your customised office supplies, things will look more professional and uniform for your company, and it will surely impress both your customers and clients.


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